Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bergdorf Blondes

Bergdorf Blondes was the first novel of Plum Sykes, an English-born fashion writer and New York “it girl”. It was initially published in the USA by Miramax Books, as well as in Britain by Viking, in 2004. Penguin published a paperback edition in 2005.
Bergdorf Blondes was a quirky and really successful example of “chick lit”, selling more than a quarter of a million copies worldwide. It was set among the smart Park Avenue “in-crowd” of Upper Manhattan, New York, with which Plum Sykes herself was associated as a contributing editor of American Vogue. Among the 44 private acknowledgements in Sykes’ preface, the first was of Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue who recruited Sykes from its British counterpart in the mid 1990s, now the last, the entrepreneur Toby Rowland, whom Sykes married in 2005.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Half a hundred teachers in the schools that are part of the integration program SENA-secondary education met on Friday 4 April at the facilities of the Integrated Industrial Maintenance, CIMI, Bay of Pigs.

The ’summit teacher ‘was the opportunity to present, discuss and answer questions about the different situations that develop in the process, as well as to be close to the different structures in which the schools were integrated.
The meeting was opened by the Deputy CIMI, Claudia Celina Marin and training coordinator, Luz Marina Parada Carvajal.
The event was coordinated by Alvaro Ardila Salamanca, responsible for this program, who said that “work has been done is to synthesize all scheduling integration with the technical media. The day is very important for institutions and students, as they were informed of everything that is the training procedure, the manual of procedures, structures and construction guidelines and tools. This time the SENA instructors gathered all the support in electricity, electronics, hardware maintenance and welding … ”
The activity was carried out between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and was attended by eight institutions, 48 teachers and eight coordinators.
Leidy Johanna Polo. Cooprofesores: “The work I found very good in the sense that we can participate actively, developing the different guidelines and we hope that socialization can unify the criteria needed to leave this integration project properly.”
Luz Marina Suarez Youth College, City North: “The work has been very helpful, is an opportunity to learn, we are working in teams, teachers, SENA instructors. The processes we have developed have been the sharing of knowledge and an opportunity to improve processes at both the SENA, and at the level of educational … ”
Andelfo Becerra, CIMI Instructor: “The interaction has been used to reach conclusions such as management structures, portfolios … and we could reach the same point, which is having a program according to the needs of each school … ”
Jose Orlando Sisa, Balbino García College: “The conference should be more frequently so have more support to schools by the SENA. It’s great that we have these places where people can learn.
Jairo Alberto Rey Sarmiento, Miraculous Medal: “The day was excellent, schools clarified many doubts, I think this has been the most profitable day …”

Saturday, December 17, 2011



  • Systems Maintenance Domestic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Systems Maintenance Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Maintenance of Petrol and Gas Engines Automotive
  • Electrical and Electronic Maintenance AutomotoresMantenimiento Diesel Engines
  • Metalworking Products Conventional Machining
  • Maintenance Welding
  • Internal Electrical Installation Network
  • Plotting, Cutting, Metal Forming Product Soldiers
  • Construction and Installation of Industrial Electrical Installations, Residential & Commercial
  • Machining processes for metal removal
  • Metalworking Products Manufacturing
  • Industrial Mechanical Maintenance
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Maintenance for Radio and Television Broadcasting
  • Computer Network Installation
Technological level
  • Analysis and Information Systems Development
  • Computer Network Administration
  • Automation Design and Integration of Mechatronic
  • Industrial Automation
  • Weldments
  • Computer Network Administration
  • Industrial Electrical Maintenance
  • Industrial Electromechanical Maintenance
  • Biomedical Equipment Maintenance
  • Mechatronics in Automotive Maintenance
  • Conversion Units and Measurement Instruments for Diesel Engines
  • General Diesel Engine
  • Operation and testing of Diesel Engine
  • Calibration and Repair of diesel sets
  • Mobile Repair Diesel Engine Set
  • Repair of head and diesel distribution system
  • Diesel Injection
  • Automotive mechanical first aid
  • Suspension system
  • Brake system
  • Management Systems

Friday, November 25, 2011

Technology-based training environments

In the next presentation, find the graphic representation of the different networks, the characterization of training environments, associated technologies and training programs associated with real and virtual environments. This is an approximation of the Bank of environment that is still in its construction phase and we expect to be completed by the end of January 2009.

It was a didactic work, developed by the Vocational Training Department with the invaluable cooperation of network operators, apprentices in the Industrial Center and Business Development Soacha, and designers of Technopark.
We expect the Bank of environments, as a reference and guide for the purchase of machinery and equipment in training centers with minimum standards to ensure quality training anywhere in the country.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

At the forefront of training for projects

Following the guidelines from the Department of Education presented Dr. Mireya Lopez Chaparro, deputy managing Celina Claudia Marin and commitment from each of the instructors, the Centre Integral Industrial Maintenance begins to the forefront FOR TRAINING PROJECTS.
According to Hernando Herrera, lead instructor in the process, working from, induction has been consolidated over this proposal, because their participation at an early stage enables them to assimilate the methodology, understand the advantage you have against the teaching learning process innovation that SENA has made in the transformation of the environments and all this complemented with a proper sense of belonging for all staff.
“The intent is that the learner has very clear what their training program, learning outcomes to be achieved and what are the competencies to be developed …”
One of the complementary actions to implement project-based training has been the transformation of classrooms and workshops in learning environments.
“The Centre has a long way in transforming environments and can verify that where there has been a better team, that where you have had a better view on the transformation of their learning environment, has had a better development. You can clearly see that the Center has been a spearhead in some areas, but others are improving … ”
With the new environments, learners may find it necessary to their formation process, with the four sources of knowledge and have a description that allows to develop their skills and manage their own resources.
The projects
Production of spare parts for machinery Workshop Machine Tools Industry Center Comprehensive Maintenance: The team is composed of Luis Guillermo Gonzalez, Angelica Patricia Laiton, Juan de Jesus Rodriguez, Omar Delsy Patricia Moreno and Andres Pinzon. The project will be developed by the group 23 252.
Design and assembly of a fault simulator in a diesel engine. The team consists of Mario Alfonso Acevedo, Hilario Martinez, Orlando Santos Serrano, Nestor Andres Mantilla and Alvaro Ardila. The project will be developed by the group 23 244.
Design, manufacture and assembly of the main entrance gate to the Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Center. The team is composed by Hernan Alvarez, Jorge Eduardo Peña, Nestor Perez, Ismael Hector Suarez and Mendoza. The project will be developed by the group 23 224.
Diagnosis of the systems of the vehicle and the recovery of gas supply system of the truck mazda 2600i V, assigned to Centro Integral Industrial Maintenance. The team consists of Orlando Morales Nestor Mantilla and Jorge Ariza. The project will be developed by the group 23 258.
Functional analysis, tuning and optimization of integrated manufacturing system (SIM BOSCH) Industrial Maintenance Center Integral. The team consists of: Carlos Horacio Robles, Edgar Bautista, José Manuel Vargas, José Carlos Cudris and Jairo Espinoza Díaz. The project will be developed by the group 23 241.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Four years of hard work and dedication in improving the technological line Teleinformática as input to the regional industry, put the Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Center-CIMI-Giron, as one of the pillars of training for the development of information technology in eastern Colombia.

If it is true that long before computers came to this Center SENA is in the last four years has emerged as more remote computing work, thanks to implementation of pedagogical models, dynamic learning techniques and the acquisition of advanced technological resources.
In this way, what in the beginning was assembly and maintenance of computer equipment, evolved into the analysis and development of information systems, and recently the installation and network administration, completing a comprehensive package of educational provision in the field of computing.
Since the support systems for industrial

engineer According to Magda Milena García Gamboa, an instructor of Analysis and Information Systems Development, although this technology segment tele space has been carved in the environment of local and regional industry, should be better known, so that the learner SENA not to be confused with a digit of Word, Excel or Power Point that although the they do not correspond to your output profile, which in reality is much more technical. ”
The graduate develops information systems for desktop or Web environment, also can design and develop web pages and organize the processes that companies have . It is important to clarify that corresponds to the processes that manage information. Sometimes when we speak of systematic thought processes, for example, in the development of a machine, but that’s software industry.
The question the employer might be what then are the powers of SENA trainee in the management software or information systems and what is their contribution?
The Apprentice SENA manages databases, websites, systematized process inventory, payroll, also supports users that has to do with custom applications that can be analyzed and corrected If they need or complement the applications already have.
Another of the skills developed in the training process, has to do with technological negotiations, which is the ‘translation’ of the user manual, usually made for the level Engineers, for the later train who is having surgery.
Among the important contributions of Analysis and Information Systems Development is the development of multimedia material and development of teaching materials through Macromedia.
An added value in this area, has to do with the handling of the “first aid” in hardware: install operating systems, format, install antivirus, configure computers, install software and make diagnoses.
CIMI So far the promotion has graduated five technologists and Development Analysis Information Systems.

Friday, September 23, 2011

INSTRUCTOR OF CIMI Paper on Bioethics

Training in bioethics: life with life ‘is the name of the book that made Santander the instructor community wing Saul Ernesto Garcia Serrano, who is a group of trainers Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Center Giron.

In the book launch event was completed on 15 May in the auditorium at the University of Santander, SoftLayer, with the participation of bishops of the Archdiocese of Bucaramanga, Archbishop Víctor Manuel López Forero, who is also CEO of Episcopal Conference of Colombia to the SENA and Monsignor Juan Vicente Cordoba Vilota, also attended the ceremony the rector of the SoftLayer, Rafael Serrano Sarmiento and former director SENA Regional Santander, José Miguel Pinilla Gutierrez.
The opening event was precisely by Monsignor Juan Vicente Cordoba Villota, who said, “This book is an exquisite delicacy that celebrates life … be a light in a world of great scientific and technological advances to help train the agents of life and health so to find principles and foundations to proclaim and defend life. Dr. Saul Ernesto García has developed an excellent job with a deeper theoretical and scientific, with careful force, which has allowed it to maintain the foundations of life, from bioethics, which is of great help to any professional who wants to proclaim and defend the life, “he said.
In the presentation of the work by its author, expressed the importance of nurturing people with a vision professionals who understand the role transdisciplinary earthly profession has its citizen’s life. “If the sick patient’s life is in the hands of health care in the hands of care institutions in the hands of families, with social responsibility must be taken anthropological foundations, ethical, moral, political, biological, epistemological to place next to life, life, not death, “she said.
He noted that the book is a compendium of some academic sessions as an instructor of SENA and as a university professor, supported by her graduate studies in bioethics and family, a glimpse of compulsory study book for professionals, teachers and trainers of individuals and families, whole society.