Friday, January 7, 2011


Training programs and complementary titled the Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Centre, CIMI, responds to the needs of local industry. One hundred trainees coming from companies in the region are trained certificated training mode to fit and sealed bid and another does so through ongoing training. The procedure is done through the coordination of vocational training by Blas Carvajal, responding to the Centre’s Annual Operational Plan for the term 2009.
Currently, for 2009, are addressed in training tailored to Freskaleche in Industrial Electrical Maintenance Technician, whereas sealed bid was a response to the Power Authority of Santander, with two courses, one in GirĂ³n and one in the municipality of El Socorro in the course of Industrial Electrical Maintenance Technologist. In addition to the above, the Centre Graystar supply companies and transaxles, the training course titled Mechanical Technician Industrial Machinery. Similarly, the CIMI is betting the country’s peace, taking the offer Maintenance Technician Diesel Engines for people’s reintegration program for demobilized, in agreement with the Ministry of Interior and Justice, during the weekends.
In response to training, technology transfer is received from companies such as transaxles, through conferences who support the training of apprentices in the automotive, as main themes, materials and supplies, with an intensity of up to 30 hours for different groups . The same situation occurs with the company West Arch, in the welding area, with monthly events in addition to lectures and practical activities for the participation of learners in national events that promotes the same signature.