Friday, April 22, 2011

At the forefront of training for projects

Following the guidelines from the Department of Education presented Dr. Mireya Lopez Chaparro, deputy managing Celina Claudia Marin and commitment from each of the instructors, the Centre Integral Industrial Maintenance begins to the forefront FOR TRAINING PROJECTS.

According to Hernando Herrera, lead instructor in the process, working from, induction has been consolidated over this proposal, because their participation at an early stage enables them to assimilate the methodology, understand the advantage you have against the teaching learning process innovation that SENA has made in the transformation of the environments and all this complemented with a proper sense of belonging for all staff.
“The intent is that the learner has very clear what their training program, learning outcomes to be achieved and what are the competencies to be developed …”
One of the complementary actions to implement project-based training has been the transformation of classrooms and workshops in learning environments.
“The Centre has a long way in transforming environments and can verify that where there has been a better team, that where you have had a better view on the transformation of their learning environment, has had a better development. You can clearly see that the Center has been a spearhead in some areas, but others are improving … ”
With the new environments, learners may find it necessary to their formation process, with the four sources of knowledge and have a description that allows to develop their skills and manage their own resources.
The projects
Production of spare parts for machinery Workshop Machine Tools Industry Center Comprehensive Maintenance: The team is composed of Luis Guillermo Gonzalez, Angelica Patricia Laiton, Juan de Jesus Rodriguez, Omar Delsy Patricia Moreno and Andres Pinzon. The project will be developed by the group 23 252.
Design and assembly of a fault simulator in a diesel engine. The team consists of Mario Alfonso Acevedo, Hilario Martinez, Orlando Santos Serrano, Nestor Andres Mantilla and Alvaro Ardila. The project will be developed by the group 23 244.
Design, manufacture and assembly of the main entrance gate to the Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Center. The team is composed by Hernan Alvarez, Jorge Eduardo Peña, Nestor Perez, Ismael Hector Suarez and Mendoza. The project will be developed by the group 23 224.
Diagnosis of the systems of the vehicle and the recovery of gas supply system of the truck mazda 2600i V, assigned to Centro Integral Industrial Maintenance. The team consists of Orlando Morales Nestor Mantilla and Jorge Ariza. The project will be developed by the group 23 258.
Functional analysis, tuning and optimization of integrated manufacturing system (SIM BOSCH) Industrial Maintenance Center Integral. The team consists of: Carlos Horacio Robles, Edgar Bautista, José Manuel Vargas, José Carlos Cudris and Jairo Espinoza Díaz. The project will be developed by the group 23 241.

A reflection of our environment


Earth Day 2009 marks the beginning of the Generation Green TM campaign ,will be the central theme of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in 2010.
With negotiations for a new global agreement on climate in December, 2009 Earth Day should be a day of action and civic participation, to defend Generation Green TM ’s fundamental principles:
This day should be a day of civic action and uphold the principles of Green generation, which are
free fututo based on coal and renewable energies .
in an individual commitment to responsible sustainable consumption.
Creating a new economy that pull people out of poverty by creating millions of jobs eco-friendly quality and transforming the education system into one that is environmentally conscious.
Any effort to improve the planet and reducing pollution is a relief for the environment and the crusade to reverse global warming.
Some tips for Earth Day
Actively participate in Earth Day not attend a mega march or do anything spectacular. Just small changes we can make at home or work to be active participants in Earth Day. Here are some tips we can implement the day and from there make them part of your daily life.
Wash your clothes without hot water.
Bathe with your heater thermostat to half of what you normally wear. It sounds difficult but this is for a good cause.
It is a day to change the bulbs in your home by saving energy. Besides all save money for life.
Walk, use bicycles, ride requests or use public transportation to get to your destination.
The Day the Earth belongs to everyone and is the responsibility of each to put their two cents.