Thursday, December 9, 2010

Automotive Is An Environment

In the space where a few months ago ran the regional warehouse is now the new learning environment for the automotive sector of CIMI.
The adequacy of this site, the idea began to take shape since 2008 and in October took hold, it could be put at the service since the start of second quarter 2009, with an area for the maintenance of gasoline engines, thanks in part to the acquisition of two automotive lifting column, a cat ‘giraffe’, a bank to disarm engines, hand tools and the adequacy of the electrical system, both in capacity and in lighting, from 6 to 12 lamps, all for a value close to 50 million pesos, according to the instructor Orlando Torres Clavijo, one of the architects of the initiative.
Additional storage space adapted for herramientero, function by which trainees must pass the training process for the exercise of responsibility and knowledge of the tools.
In addition to the training area, this environment has an attached room instructors, bringing together the program managers to discuss the issues, programs and events backyard mechanics, diesel engines, electric automobiles, motorcycles and injection maintenance electronics.
Within the framework there are four vehicles, a Chevrolet Cavalier, a Renault 9, A Corsa and a 2600 LUV truck, according to the instructor Torres Clavijo, the idea is to improve the environment especially in the environmental appropriateness of recycling area Paper and cardboard, but for the particular case of auto mechanics, creating an area of recycling toxic flammable liquids.
On the use of new technologies, has integrated the use of training technology platform Black Board.