Saturday, August 13, 2011


Through the 0006 Agreement of 2008 and have updated the parameters for businesses to access training resources specialized in the following areas: leadership training for business innovation, online training for senior management and line of Seine-enterprise training.
It is an excellent opportunity for employers to train their officials and project your organization’s productivity and competitiveness that the current market demands.
to contribute to the formation of integral business development actors, able to identify and define problems affecting the country’s sustained development and to provide options and alternatives for its solution and also help ensure national competitiveness to the current globalization scheme .
Specific objectives
  • Support companies in training their workers at all occupational levels.
  • Promote business investment in training and employee participation in developing management competencies for innovation and technological development of enterprises.
  • Facilitate innovation, competitiveness, quality and productivity of business and employability of workers.
  • To promote lifelong learning of people throughout life and strengthening of lifelong learning movement in Colombia.
  • Leverage the implementation of national development plans, regional, local, sectoral and enterprise, domestic agenda for productivity and competitiveness, technology and regional agendas competitiveness agreements.
  • Encourage socialization of learning, beyond the individual learning business.
  • Have programs which include knowledge transfer to SENA that impacts the services portfolio of the company.
  • Promoting project management training and technological development and innovation productive tripartite approach since their inception to completion.
  • Contribute to strengthening the capacity of regional centers primarily SENA and training as a strategic focus in managing the National Training Program Specialist.