Saturday, September 24, 2011


Four years of hard work and dedication in improving the technological line Teleinformática as input to the regional industry, put the Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Center-CIMI-Giron, as one of the pillars of training for the development of information technology in eastern Colombia.

If it is true that long before computers came to this Center SENA is in the last four years has emerged as more remote computing work, thanks to implementation of pedagogical models, dynamic learning techniques and the acquisition of advanced technological resources.
In this way, what in the beginning was assembly and maintenance of computer equipment, evolved into the analysis and development of information systems, and recently the installation and network administration, completing a comprehensive package of educational provision in the field of computing.
Since the support systems for industrial

engineer According to Magda Milena García Gamboa, an instructor of Analysis and Information Systems Development, although this technology segment tele space has been carved in the environment of local and regional industry, should be better known, so that the learner SENA not to be confused with a digit of Word, Excel or Power Point that although the they do not correspond to your output profile, which in reality is much more technical. ”
The graduate develops information systems for desktop or Web environment, also can design and develop web pages and organize the processes that companies have . It is important to clarify that corresponds to the processes that manage information. Sometimes when we speak of systematic thought processes, for example, in the development of a machine, but that’s software industry.
The question the employer might be what then are the powers of SENA trainee in the management software or information systems and what is their contribution?
The Apprentice SENA manages databases, websites, systematized process inventory, payroll, also supports users that has to do with custom applications that can be analyzed and corrected If they need or complement the applications already have.
Another of the skills developed in the training process, has to do with technological negotiations, which is the ‘translation’ of the user manual, usually made for the level Engineers, for the later train who is having surgery.
Among the important contributions of Analysis and Information Systems Development is the development of multimedia material and development of teaching materials through Macromedia.
An added value in this area, has to do with the handling of the “first aid” in hardware: install operating systems, format, install antivirus, configure computers, install software and make diagnoses.
CIMI So far the promotion has graduated five technologists and Development Analysis Information Systems.

Friday, September 23, 2011

INSTRUCTOR OF CIMI Paper on Bioethics

Training in bioethics: life with life ‘is the name of the book that made Santander the instructor community wing Saul Ernesto Garcia Serrano, who is a group of trainers Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Center Giron.

In the book launch event was completed on 15 May in the auditorium at the University of Santander, SoftLayer, with the participation of bishops of the Archdiocese of Bucaramanga, Archbishop Víctor Manuel López Forero, who is also CEO of Episcopal Conference of Colombia to the SENA and Monsignor Juan Vicente Cordoba Vilota, also attended the ceremony the rector of the SoftLayer, Rafael Serrano Sarmiento and former director SENA Regional Santander, José Miguel Pinilla Gutierrez.
The opening event was precisely by Monsignor Juan Vicente Cordoba Villota, who said, “This book is an exquisite delicacy that celebrates life … be a light in a world of great scientific and technological advances to help train the agents of life and health so to find principles and foundations to proclaim and defend life. Dr. Saul Ernesto García has developed an excellent job with a deeper theoretical and scientific, with careful force, which has allowed it to maintain the foundations of life, from bioethics, which is of great help to any professional who wants to proclaim and defend the life, “he said.
In the presentation of the work by its author, expressed the importance of nurturing people with a vision professionals who understand the role transdisciplinary earthly profession has its citizen’s life. “If the sick patient’s life is in the hands of health care in the hands of care institutions in the hands of families, with social responsibility must be taken anthropological foundations, ethical, moral, political, biological, epistemological to place next to life, life, not death, “she said.
He noted that the book is a compendium of some academic sessions as an instructor of SENA and as a university professor, supported by her graduate studies in bioethics and family, a glimpse of compulsory study book for professionals, teachers and trainers of individuals and families, whole society.