Friday, March 18, 2011

Communist leaders of their own environment

Student in the field think of many things of direct interest to learners and who better than us to disseminate and communicate in our own environment.

That is why born communist leader, a strategy aimed at learners that seeks to generate spaces of positive information about the processes, programs and outstanding apprentices, in order to disseminate and share knowledge gained in learning environments, the dynamics of formation processes and events that are conducted at the Centers.
Although we have no experience as leaders CIMI communicators, we have all the enthusiasm and creativity, so in our short history we have had the opportunity to make the coverage of national and regional events, such as Meeting Professionals Apprentices and Welfare The V Meeting of Bilingualism Santanderes 2009, the cultural festival of CIMI and Bucaramanga Technopark 2009 Creaton.
In addition to this, we have conducted workshops on management of camera, audio editing with Adobe Audition 3.0 and Sony Vegas video, which witnessed an average of 25 trainees per day.
Being Communicator is simple, we just need initiative to seek the information has quality, timeliness and relevance. Communist leaders ensure proper use and handling of information of the entity, preserving the corporate identity and we remain committed to the institutional mission.

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