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Girón, May 18, 2011. The regional director and deputy director of SENA Santander (e) Industrial Maintenance Center Comprehensive Girón, Humberto Rangel Lizcano, presented through the video conferencing system plan CIMI Technology Vision 2019.
At 7:00 am on Wednesday, and for a little over an hour, accompanied by the team of instructors, administrative staff and services, as well as a delegation of trainees, Dr. Lizcano Rangel made the statement of the prospective Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Center, an event in which were Dr. Darío Montoya Mejía as CEO of SENA and the institution’s general secretary, Juan Bayona Ferreira.
about what is and what the term means foresight, used throughout the process of developing the plan, Humberto Rangel Lizcano said “there must be clear that the vision of what will happen, but also be clear that scenarios are very close to reality to address these scenarios designed to anticipate the response we as an institution, in this case the Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Center … ”
About what it must mean for the submission of the Plan Center, said “We are going to have a big advantage because we to bring new technologies that will be required to update those we already have, develop human talent how to prepare and start thinking about linking other professional levels to strengthen the Center that are key to their instructors and so moving forward we go advance what will happen. Not only is this but to accompany him prepare for the future scenarios that are required to respond to them, but we can not get the response after, but before … ”
But what is the potential impact of development 2019 Plan for the region or the country?
“The Center plays sectors of industry in the areas of maintenance, automation, design and product development and now we are aiming to develop the use of ICTs, if we manage to transfer the industry not only training people well trained, well-trained human talent, but that is about technology, the new, which is being used, which will be implemented, we can go much further in units of productivity and competitiveness Santander industry .. ”
Finally, the Regional Director of SENA, referred to the humanistic part of the process: “There should be a lot of attitude, how should we care from training to our trainees and graduates have a positive attitude, an attitude respect, with an attitude of ethical values and behaviors that will ensure not only a good personal performance and competitive ability, but for good behavior, good level of communication and able to interact with other people. ”
elements of the plan.

As part of the team that developed the CIMI Technology Plan Vision 2019, was the engineer Rafael Lizcano, who at the end of the video said some of the elements of the document.
“Within the structure of the CIMI technology plan that would have established a vision set the course of the institution in which we are projecting to 2019, this vision is based on a national and international references and a regional reference ‘Santander competitive’ and we as a vision, The CIMI is a leader in comprehensive maintenance, differentiation in ICT application and design, control and automation of industrial processes, with a highly competent human talent globally to enhance firms’ technological infrastructure, training and knowledge management. I mention the textual view, because that highlights two strategies to achieve this vision and are the benchmark of what we want to achieve, which are to strengthen the technological infrastructure of enterprises, the training and knowledge management. ”
Three key variables or three projection vectors are comprehensive maintenance and high-tech platform design, control and automation and ICT applications as a strategy in which we develop in order to be supporting a company and enhance the technological infrastructure they have. Around these three focal issues were raised projection strategic projects that determine the technological services can be provided, the requirements of environment, human talent, the profile of the learner and the programs and goals in the period 2010 to 2019.
Hector Neighbor SENA
Videoconferencing for the submission of the CIMI Technology Plan Vision 2019, which showed national 10-year projection of the Centro Integral Industrial Maintenance.

The final result.

Finally, and gladly shared the presentation of the Technological Plan Comprehensive Maintenance Industrial Centre, Giron, Santander, projected to 2019, emphasizing again that this presentation is the result of a consultation which provided the administrative and instructors Center, in addition to academic bodies and enterprises in the region.
The work received the best comments from the attendees. Many congratulations to the t

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